Why the power of choice is important for creatives

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Tony Robbins told a story once about a rebellious retirement home. Rather than accept food they’d been given at meal times, the residents used to swap their dinners. All around the table retired men and women could be seen debating over oranges and salads like brokers in the NY stock exchange. One man in particular would always trade his chocolate cake, no matter what he got in return. The nurse asked him if he’d like them to stop giving him chocolate cake since he obviously didn’t want it. He replied that he loved chocolate cake, but he’d rather have a meal he’d had a say in than a meal chosen for him.

What’s interesting is that the food swapping residents had much better mental abilities than their contemporaries in other homes, not only did they know what they wanted, they could hold detailed, organised and persuasive arguments in favour of their decisions. The story shows how important it is to feel like you have control of your own life. The chocolate swapper saw the value in his freedom, and the entire communal group worked better when everyone had some degree of choice.

Businesses and employees are the same. Everyone needs to feel secure in their own freedom and confident in their decision-making abilities. That’s why software like Procim exists, to give everyone the freedom and space to make their own creative choice, while keeping control firmly in the arms of management.

Web-based approval procedures mean senior members of the team can easily overlook all budgets, costs and documentation. Employees can plan and budget their entire project without having to personally ask anyone for permission, while management can work behind the scenes, keeping the whole workflow secure. Giving power back to your creatives has a wonderful effect on their collaborative input. Book a demo today to see how you can drive profit margins and limit the risk of budget overruns by giving your employees back their creativity.

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