Procim is a collaborative project environment designed for creatives. When your Project Manager has to build a budget, your Operations Director needs to plan resources, your Project Co-ordinator has to raise a PO or submit their timesheets, the Managing Director needs to check company reports or Finance want to see the profitability of an ongoing project, Procim has your back. Procim was created over 20 years ago and has been developed, improved and loved ever since.

  • Secures and manages profit margins
  • Controls third party costs
  • Prevents accidental overspend

  • Drives revenue growth
  • Optimises resources and employee time
  • Accurately track budget versus actual cost at a line item level

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Secure Budgeting

and Cost Control

Procim guides and controls the budgeting process, providing complete visibility across all projects. Multi-user and multi-currency, Procim takes away the stress of project budgeting. See exactly what’s been spent at any time so you can stop fearing budget overruns. Track budget versus actual cost and view discrepancies instantly.



Visualise your team’s collaborative powers

Simple, flexible resource scheduling and management. Plan projects, people, holidays and overtime secure in the knowledge that everything’s rooted in the budget, so you’ll always be aware of how your use of resources are affecting your bottom line.


Everything Else

Turn mountains into molehills

Every project runs within Procim. Purchasing, Timesheets & Expenses, Reconciliation, Billing Schedules & Invoicing, Forecasting, Reporting, Workflow & Messaging, Procim takes care of it all.

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All your favourite tools working together

We integrate with external Accounting, Finance, CRM and Expense Management systems to avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

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Procim is used globally

Our clients are large and small, global enterprises as well as single offices. They’re located in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific & the Middle East.

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Ghassan Kassab, COO, Blink Experience.

“Procim is an excellent tool and has refined the way in which we communicate both with our clients and operationally within the business at Blink. As a platform it drives efficiency and has been a key asset in connecting and standardising our international agency network on one system.”

Jeremy Read, Commercial Project Manager, Brandfuel.

“Investing in Procim has been a prudent business decision; we are already beginning to see a return on investment after the first six months.”

Filmmaster MEA Logo

Alexander Astore, Cost Controller, Filmmaster.

“Procim is an extremely user-friendly tool, suitable not only for properly managing all the logistic and financial aspects in the Event business field, but even for TV/Cinema Production companies or any other related business. Everything can be customized in coherence with the specific needs of the company, and the support coming from Procim is always efficient and on time. You never feel alone when you face something that requires consultation. I strongly recommend it.”

Marc Buchan, Director of Production, INVNT.

“I’ve been using Procim at two agencies in the ‘States since 2010. In both cases, this software has drastically changed the project management and business administration efficiency. Procim provides information that previously wasn’t tracked accurately or available in one place with such formidable reporting capability. In the latter case, our managing partner identified Procim as the reason we were able to manage our growth effectively and sell the business several years ahead of the proposed schedule. I would highly recommend Procim to anyone in the live event, video or marketing business: it will get your agency organized and help you grow!”

Azim Sunderji, Director of Finance, Jack Morton.

“Procim is an excellent scalable project management tool that integrates multicurrency costing and reporting with accurate profit forecasting.”

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