Project Budgeting

Uncomplicate your budgeting process. Use Procim’s unique and powerful multi-user interface to prevent budgeting mistakes and increase profit margins. Along with a host of revenue driving features, Procim allows you to easily and quickly create new or different budget scenarios, include optional elements within budgets and present these to your client clearly indicated as optional.



Simple, flexible resource scheduling and management. Plan projects, people, holidays and overtime secure in the knowledge that everything’s rooted in the budget, so you’ll always be aware of how your resourcing is affecting your bottom line. Use our drag and drop functions and analysis keys to optimise employee time, prevent accidental over-booking and lower freelancer costs.

fully integrated project software


Procim helps you predict costs and gain a much better understanding of future margins. With line by line automated cost reporting you can quickly identify cost overruns against budgeted items. Many of our users set Procim up so that purchases can’t be made without required approval, which in turn prevents overspend.


Timesheets & Expenses

Procim’s mobile WebApp and integrated stopwatch give users the power to easily manage time on the go. Time and expenses entered are then tracked against budgeted line items giving management a great understanding of their team.



Procim comes with two unique automated contractual documents that assist in the tracking of budgetary changes by organising a secure client agreement process. Both include T&Cs and payment schedules to automate billing.


Billing & Invoicing

Stay on top of your finances with Procim’s automated scheduled billing notifications. Procim creates billing schedules for each project and sends out email reminders when it’s time to bill. Invoice items are automatically created from corresponding billing items.



Reconcile your budgets as you go on a line by line basis. As each purchase order, timesheet or other cost is raised within the system, Procim automatically displays that costs against what was originally agreed with the client, leaving you with very little to discuss at the end of your project. While there won’t be that much to go over, that doesn’t mean Procim leaves you in the lurch. Once completed, projects are reconciled at a detailed level.


Sales Forecasting

Set achievable targets for sales periods with Procim’s accurate forecasting. Procim creates forecasts using detailed integrated project data. Full visibility of project and budget financials against targets gives you the power to make better decisions. Customisable dashboards, a range of analysis keys and the ability to choose different information types to forecast gives you the strength to create forecasts that work for you.

fully integrated project sofware


Effectively analyse your business’ health by gaining a clear understanding of project revenue, costs and margins at both summary and item level. Procim’s reporting abilities are almost limitless; view pitch costs against project costs, internal time against freelancer time, analyse time distribution or capture employee workload. Find discrepancies between budgets and actual costs, giving you the power to strengthen your business’ margins.


Workflow & Security

Automated email approvals and notifications keep everyone on track and ensure clients receive the best quality of service. Prevent risks associated with disjointed budgets and accidental overspend by implementing internal approval procedures.



Integrate with external finance, CRM and expense management systems to avoid unnecessary duplication of work. We’re dedicated to ensuring our users are always armed with the best possible tools so please feel free to contact us about other possible integrations.

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