Project Budgeting

  • Replace outdated budgeting procedures with a safe multi-user, multi-currency controlled environment designed for creatives
  • Prevent budgeting mistakes and increase profit margins with instant visibility
  • Easily and quickly create new or different versions of budget scenarios
  • Include optional elements within budgets and present these to your client clearly indicated as optional
  • Approve budgets and other project documents through fully integrated workflow processes
  • View actual up to date costs against each budgeted line item.

One unified interface

Procim incorporates all elements of front office operations within one consolidated interface. Users create and revise each budgeted line in a familiar spreadsheet-like format allowing for a high level of flexibility within a structured, database driven environment.


No duplication of work

All budgeting information is held in one place, preventing duplication of information and work while allowing for multiple alterations and additions within a cloud based, multi-user environment. With complete budget transparency across departments, all budget stakeholders work together. Customisable, project-driven notifications facilitate budget management as a team activity, with any budget overruns immediately identified.


Increase profit

Instant visibility gives management and project managers a big picture outlook that helps drive profit in a measurable way. Every part of the budget is entered and tracked to facilitate and optimise decision-making, prevent budgeting mistakes and reduce the risk of accidental expenditure.


Bespoke Templates

Industry specific templates are included and can be modified to fit your specific needs, simplifying and streamlining the budgeting process. Templates utilise a hierarchical task structure with predefined budget line items within each task and include any mark-ups, rates, additional fees and currency information.


Plan for different scenarios

Optional tasks can be created within the budget and presented separately to the client. Any existing budget can be duplicated or copied. Multiple versions of a budget can also be created to allow for the planning of different scenarios.


Free up your creatives

Procim’s simple budgeting functionality allows teams to quickly adjust from disjointed and outdated budgeting tools. Project teams can easily select resources or 3rd party items, making the budgeting process as simple as entering hours, days or units.  Budgeted revenue and costs can quickly be distributed in time to allow for forecasting purposes. This leaves more time for users to work on the things that matter, organising the budget to provide the best chance of winning and successfully delivering a project while identifying where profitability gains can be made.


Client estimates

Client estimates are automatically created directly from budgets and provide your clients with a professional, consistent feel for your business.


Approval process

Budget approval procedures are designed to allow complete control of the budget while giving teams creative freedom. After approval, point in time snapshots are created as budget revisions. Procim’s unique estimate comparison report compares historic budget revisions, allowing users to obtain critical information about how the project’s budget has changed over time.



Procim provides true multi-currency capabilities allowing a default currency to be set at project level with costs recorded in multiple currencies. Automatic currency conversions eliminate laborious external calculations, save time and prevent potential currency conversion errors.

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