Sales Forecasting

  • Create forecasts using detailed and integrated project data
  • Apply different information types to forecasts such as line of business, account manager, client or office
  • Include target forecasts for sales periods and gain full visibility of project and budget financials against these targets

Set sales targets

Integrated sales forecasting  provides users with the ability to produce target forecasts for sales periods. Different types of forecasts (by line of business, client, office, site, etc.) can be created and these are then used to track  financial performance against those forecast targets.


Understand cash flow

Procim has a host of features that assist with the forecasting process. Included are project segments that capture a distribution of project revenue and costs in time providing management with vital cashflow information based on invoicing and expenditure. Alternatively, the forecasting function can reflect your revenue recognition methodology, whether this be completed project, straight line, proportional performance, etc.


Segmented data

Project segment data feeds through to corresponding sales forecast periods that are an integral part of the overall sales forecast reporting function.

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