Timesheets & Expenses

  • Track time spent against budgeted items
  • Complete timesheets on the go through a mobile friendly interface
  • Record and approve float requests
  • Create personal and credit card expenses against budgeted items
  • Gain valuable insight of budgeted cost and amount spent

Mobile webapp

Procim incorporates timesheet entry and time tracking functionality that is not only comprehensive but easy to use. Resources are booked against budget lines or activity assignments and this provides a mechanism that allows timesheet users to see what has been scheduled and more easily complete their timesheets. Our new mobile timesheet webapp allows time to be recorded while on the go.


Time reports

Whether a project is charged based on a fixed budget or a time and expense basis, all time is recorded at budgeted line level facilitating the production of very detailed project servicing and recovery reporting that helps provide management with full visibility of resource performance against what was originally budgeted.


Expense reconciliation

All expenses, whether out-of-pocket individual or credit card, are entered directly against budgeted lines. This allows expenses to be reconciled as an integral part of the budget while expense forms can incorporate floats or cash advances with individual expense items offset against the float.

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