Procim: Video Budgeting Software

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video budgeting software

Procim gives producers and line managers the best possible tools to budget for and manage costs across all stages of production, from commissioning to editing. It is cloud based, multi-user and multi-currency. Procim comes with predefined rules for handling Pre-Production, Casting & Talent, Production, Post-Production, Expenses, Travel and Accommodation costs. Cost reporting, budget revision snapshots, estimate comparisons and optional additions all work seamlessly with resourcing and purchasing capabilities giving you a video that flows from the budget.

Procim’s video budgeting software prevents mistakes, tracks costs and in turn increases profit margins. With a highly flexible budgeting environment, producers feel secure in their ability to stick to delivery commitments. Actual costs are automatically updated giving producers a constant overview of costs to date and the ability to generate accurate budget and cost statements as and when they’re needed. Costs raised in Procim’s video budgeting software can automatically flow into accounts packages to prevent unnecessary duplication of work.

Procim is under constant development. The software is continuously being improved and fine-tuned in a way that aligns with the clients’ goals and requests. The support team have often been praised for their reliability and consistency, ensuring teams aren’t left stranded mid-set. Book a demo to find out how intensely Procim will revolutionise your production lifecycle.

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